Bad psychology will marry with persistent disease

Bad psychology will “marry” with persistent disease

(1) Actor Chen Xiaoxu, who became famous as Lin Daiyu, died of breast cancer on May 13, 2007 at the age of 42.
While mourning the death of a beautiful lady, people silently pray for her well-being in another world.
Chen Xiaoxu is kind and beautiful, has a similar character to Lin Daiyu, but also has the same fate as Lin Daiyu-Minghua thanked her early and hurriedly left the world.
  Chen Xiaoxu died of breast cancer for various reasons, but has a close relationship with her c-type personality.
What is a C-type personality?
The so-called C-type personality is “cancer personality”, C is the first letter of Cancer (cancer) in English.
Human personality is related to certain diseases. It was first proposed by American cardiologist Friedman and behavioral medical scientist Rosenman. They reported their important findings in 1959: Type A personality and crownHeart disease is closely related.
  When it comes to the discovery and induction of A-type personality, it is very interesting.
Friedman and Rosenman noticed a strange phenomenon after observing the chairs in the coronary heart clinic they opened: the leg on the right rear of the waiting room chair was often shortened due to wear and tear, and the place where the patient stepped on was alsoObvious dents were abraded.
It turned out that the patients waiting were very anxious and complained that the waiting time was too long. They often tilted up the chair and rotated it on the ground with only the back right leg of the chair to kill time.
After long-term observation, the two believe that it is this particular character that is closely related to the occurrence of coronary heart disease.
  After observing a large number of such behaviors, Friedman summarized its characteristics in four words in 1987: irritability, agitation, anger, and irritability.
Two of these four words begin with the letter A, so he calls people with this characteristic A-type personality.
At present, psychological medical experts divide people’s personality into A, B, C, and D types.
Furthermore, it is pointed out that people with type A personality are susceptible to coronary heart disease and people with type C personality are susceptible to cancer.
  People with type A personality have obvious characteristics: fast-paced life, rush to do things, often do one thing, or do another thing, or several things together; be competitive, be competitive, not afraid of difficulties, Aggressive and aggressive; outgoing personality, sharp-minded, quick and powerful, easy to irritability, irritability, excitement, can not tolerate things you do not understand; do not understand enjoyment, indifference to yourself, do not know rest and care for yourself, will not experienceThe joy of life, the whole angel himself is in a state of tension and so on.
  Studies have shown that due to the behavioral manifestations of type A personality, the heart is overburdened, increases myocardial oxygen consumption, and causes myocardial hypoxia; and promotes the increase of triglycerides and cholesterol in plasma, increases blood viscosity, and accelerates coronaryFormation of atherosclerosis.
The long-term effects of these factors have become the pathological basis of coronary heart disease.
  In studying the type A personality population, Friedman also proposed the type B personality.
Type B personality is the opposite of type A, which is a soothing, self-regulating personality trait.
They are slow, unhurried, easy-going, and have no pressure to compete and win. They will rest happily after being nervous.
Friedman and Rosenman after years of controlled follow-up observation statistics, the following results were obtained: the incidence of coronary heart disease and sudden death rate were higher in the type A personality group than in the type B personality 3.
5 times.
  Research in recent years has shown that coronary heart disease is associated with psychological stress.
Friedman and Rosenman, after a lot of research on the relationship between people’s psychological activity and disease, found that almost all patients with coronary heart disease are sharp-minded and ambitious people, which are people with type A personality.
When people are in a state of stress due to psychological stimuli in life and work, especially some strong and long-lasting stimuli, the cerebral cortex is prone to disturbances and autonomic dysfunction, which makes the sympathetic nerves excited, heart rate accelerated, and myocardial oxygen consumptionincrease.
At the same time promote platelet aggregation, increase blood viscosity and coagulation, can also lead to lipid metabolism disorders, increase blood lipids; or autonomic nervous system disorders, leading to coronary artery spasm.
If a person is in a state of tension for a long time, it is easy to develop coronary heart disease.
Most people with type A personality are those who have a strong desire for a career. Their heart is more fragile than type B personality, which is mainly caused by personality and working environment.
Therefore, if you are a person with type A personality and you are over 40 years old, don’t forget to watch out for ominous omen from the heart.
  So, how to correct a personality?
  First of all, it is necessary to establish confidence that the personality can be changed or improved, and then it can be started from the following aspects: (1) adjust the pace of life and properly “decelerate” in daily activities.
(2) Work and rest, learn to rest and entertain.
(3) Don’t take things too seriously to overcome the habit of being competitive.
(4) Learn to act in a low-key manner and be a supporting role on collective occasions.
(5) Don’t multitask and do multiple things at the same time.
(6) Leave room for everything, and do not “absolutely” treat people and things.
(7) Be friendly, look at the strengths of others, and learn from others with an open mind.(8) Be calm, don’t be impatient, and think twice about everything before you wait.

  (B) Type C personality was discovered by Harvard medical scientists through long and extensive research.

The main manifestations of the C-type personality are speechlessness, sentimentality, depression and introversion, obedience, patience, and no complaints. They never lose their temper, complain and anger, and can restrain and restrain themselves everywhere.

In life, they often sacrifice their desires to make others happy, tolerate their needs, frustrations, and anger, and to avoid them.

When such a person encounters setbacks, in fact, he is not angry and hateful, but forcibly suppresses himself.

Because they suppress their emotions too much, they give cancer a chance.

  Numerous data indicate that people with type C personality are three times more likely to develop cancer than the average person.

Why are these people vulnerable to cancer?

Psycho-neuroimmunology in modern medicine gives a more accurate answer: the psychological state of depression disrupts the balance of the internal environment and interferes with the function of the immune monitoring system and fails to clear abnormal mutant cells in time.

The so-called abnormally mutated cells refer to the cells that often change the normal appearance in everyone’s body. Such cells are very likely to cause cancer.

In this way, it is easy to cause various cancers.

At the same time, we must also see that mental depression can also interrupt the communication between certain normal cells, thereby causing the body to become cancerous.

  Too many research results have shown that people with type C personality are likely to “attach” to cancer.

A previously well-known observation report was a comparative observation of a doctor named Greer on women with recombined breast masses: one group had cancer and the other had benign breast masses.

As a result, 50% of the women in the former group had never lost their temper due to anger in the past, and only 14% of the latter group had lost their temper due to dissatisfaction.

The results of another trial were similar-Professor Otto of Sweden performed personality tests on 2550 healthy people first, and divided them into C-type and non-C-type personality replacements, and followed them for 20 years.The incidence was 65% higher than in the non-C group.

People with type C personality have a poor prognosis when they develop cancer.

A follow-up survey of 133 diabetic patients showed that those who participated in social activities, extroverted, cheerful women, had a better prognosis.

Perhaps the opposite is that the prognosis of depressed cancer patients is not optimistic.

  Lin Daiyu’s Chen Xiaoxu is a person with a typical C-type personality.

Although she has diabetes for many reasons, Chen Xiaoxu’s type C personality is closely related to the occurrence and development of her breast cancer.

From Chen Xiaoxu’s short life experience and her life, she shows that she belongs to the C-type personality.

In the impressions of Chen Xiaoxu’s colleagues and those she has dealt with, Chen Xiaoxu is Lin Daiyu, both similar and divine.

In real life, Chen Xiaoxu also admits that he and Lin Daiyu have very similar personalities.

The 42-year-old Chen Xiaoxu has not asked for a child, and she is introverted, sensitive, depressed, and stressed. These mental factors have caused her to “approach” to cancer.

She did not experience pregnancy and breastfeeding, and it was a risk factor for pregnancy, which made her unavoidable.

The death of Chen Xiaoxu reminded people of the relationship between personality and certain diseases, which sounded the alarm.

  Although human character is related to innate factors, it is often influenced by the acquired environment and shaped in long-term life practice.

Although it is a fairly stable component of human physiological characteristics, it may still change during the process of adapting to the environment.

If you find that you have the C-type personality mentioned above, don’t panic, because cancer is the result of a combination of factors, and there are only a few people with cancer, but you should not take it lightly.The potential danger of meaning.

Therefore, it is recommended that people with type C personality can make some conscious adjustments, change psychological behaviors that are not good for health, and adopt some methods that are effective for themselves to reduce their depression.

First of all, make more friends, broaden your mind, talk to your friends in a timely manner, and participate in collective cultural and sports activities.

In essence, it’s not uncommon to lose your temper with dissatisfaction and shock.

It is certain that good psychological behavior has a positive effect on disease prevention, treatment and rehabilitation.

Know your visceral health from your ears

Know your visceral health from your ears

You can polish the health of your internal organs from your ears, look in the mirror yourself, and find out what diseases you have early!

  By observing the ears, one can infer the health of the body.

Observation of the ear is mainly from the aspects of color, gloss, morphological changes, and localization diagnosis.

  Color and gloss As far as the whole ear is concerned, normal people’s ears are ruddy and shiny, which is a manifestation of congenital kidney essence residue; if the ears are dry and lack of gloss, the body’s kidney essence is insufficient.

  The ears are pale in color and are more common in colds and colds; they are also found in people with insufficient body yang, who are mostly afraid of cold and bad wind, and their hands and feet are cold.

Ears are red and swollen, and most of them are manifested as “getting angry”.

The auricles are dry and scorched, and are more common in the late stages of infectious diseases or diabetes, because at this stage, the body’s yin has been seriously damaged.

In some parts of the ears, there are dots or flakes of redness, dark red, dark gray, etc., which are more common in digestive diseases such as gastritis, stomach and duodenal ulcers.

  Morphological changes Another aspect of Wanger is to observe morphological changes.

People with thick ears have too much kidney qi; those with thin and small ears are mostly deficient in kidney qi.

People who have nodular or stripe-like bulges in their ears, have pits and are not shiny, often indicate chronic organic diseases such as liver cirrhosis and tumors.

Local ear blood vessels are excessively filled and dilated, and circles, strips, and other changes can be seen. They are common in people with abnormal heart and lung function, such as coronary heart disease and hypertension.

In addition, if there is pus in the ears, accompanied by ear swelling and pain, and hearing loss, it is a manifestation of otitis media. According to Chinese medicine, this is wind disturbance or liver and gallbladder dampness.

  Location diagnosis For the location diagnosis of the ear, the parts of the human body are distributed on the ear like an inverted oxide.

  The earlobe is equivalent to the face. When the teeth and gums are swollen or painful due to “fire”, you can rub the earlobe with your thumb and index finger, or puncture and bleed on the earlobe.effect.

Regular pinching of the earlobe also has the role of beauty.

  The depression facing the ear hole is called the ear cavity, which is equivalent to the internal organs of the thorax.

This area is often stimulated and has health effects on the blood and circulatory system.

You can put your index finger in the ear hole and put your thumb on the back of the ear to squeeze it.

  The upper depression of the ear nail cavity is called the ear nail boat, which is equivalent to a person’s abdominal cavity. Massage here can digest and has the function of strengthening the kidney and strengthening the spleen.

  The distal earwheel of the auricle is equivalent to the trunk limbs. Patients with physical pain such as neck, shoulder, waist and leg pain should hold the earwheel more.

  Today’s otology and traditional otology classifications add pinpointed auricular content.

The diagnostic method can not stop looking at the palpation, palpation, staining, bioelectrical measurement and other methods are booming.

Of course, Wanger is only part of the “visit” of traditional Chinese medicine, judging the health of the body, diagnosing diseases, and has other manifestations combined with the whole body.

Eating onions can effectively remove toxins from the body

Eating onions can effectively remove toxins from the body

As the saying goes, “the first month shallot, the second month shallot”.

The lunar month onion is not only the most nutritious, but also has the strongest health care function.

The first month is here, so do n’t miss the best time to eat green onions.

  Wang Yongqin, an associate researcher at the Vegetable Research Center of the Beijing Academy of Agriculture and Forestry Sciences, told the Life Times reporter that onions are rich in nutrients, protein, sugars, provitamin A (mainly in green onion leaves), dietary fiber, and iron, magnesium and other minerals.
Onion in the first month refers to the onion or small onion that grows during the first month. It is cultivated in the south and Zhangqiu, Shandong.

Onions grown in the first lunar month are the most nutritious, tender, fragrant, and delicious.

  First of all, the lunar month onion can clear the body’s “dead corner” toxins and refresh the human body.

The reason is that the incidence of colds is very high in the early spring, and stomach pain, diarrhea, and joint disease also increase.

At this time, it is appropriate to eat more lunar onions, which can effectively alleviate the disease.

Frying amaranth with shallots can also prevent respiratory infections in spring.

Finally, people who are afraid of cold should also eat more lunar onions, which can fully supplement the trace amount.

  Everyone knows that onions are more irritating and not suitable for everyone.

However, the lunar onion is irritating and can be eaten properly. People with eyes that are prone to fatigue, bleeding, insomnia and nervous breakdown, and people with insulin diseases, especially ulcer disease, can only eat onion.

  After the first month, the irritation of onions is strengthened, and nutrition is gradually reduced.

The lunar month onion can be eaten raw, but after the lunar month, it should be fried or cooked before eating to reduce its irritation.

Not cleansing thoroughly?

You have been using the wrong method


Not cleansing thoroughly?
You have been using the wrong method

Why is it always oily to clean my face every day?

Why do I wash my face very seriously, and my skin is getting worse?

Why do I still have acne on my face when I buy a very expensive cleanser?

It ‘s all because of incomplete cleansing. Maybe your method of washing your face is always wrong. Let ‘s take a look at how to clean your face properly and how to clean it thoroughly.

  1. Wash your face twice a day?

In fact, it ‘s necessary to wash your face a few times before it ‘s clean and normal. You should wash your face sooner or later, but if you often run outside, sweating and dirty things in the air make your skin uncomfortable, you can do it once for your skin.For deep cleansing, it can be added once in hot weather.

  2. The temperature of the face wash is very important. Washing with hot water will relax the skin. The temperature of the water is low and it is very important when the pores are tightly closed. The excess water will clear the skin’s protective film, which will make the skinIt is easy to relax, pores are enlarged, resulting in rough skin and wrinkles. In addition, if you wash too much oil, it will accelerate skin aging.

  On the other hand, if you use low-temperature water to clean your face, the skin’s pores will be tightly closed, and the dirt such as sebum and dirt accumulated in the pores will not be cleaned.Oh.

The correct way is to clean your face with warm water at about 35 ° C and then rinse with cold water.

  3. It is not necessary to wash every corner of the board. The T-shaped part is most susceptible to dirt and must be washed carefully.

  When we clean our cheeks, the direction should be gently rubbed from bottom to top. Because our keratinocytes are distributed like fish scales from top to bottom, if we turn the direction to clean,It must be cleaner than cleaning in a scaly direction.

In fact, our T-shaped part is the easiest to hide dirt, it is best to rub it a few times.

  4. Hair buns and temples are the easiest to leave hair care products. You must pay attention to cleaning hair buns and temples. These parts are the styling agents or hair products that are most likely to leave hair.Sensitive, you should stay clean at the end to prevent the irritation of cleansing products.

  5. Drying with a towel after washing your face is the worst. Drying it naturally is good for your skin. If you let it air dry after washing your face, your skin will become cold because of natural evaporation. This will cause the skin to dry out due to the contraction of blood vesselsWrinkles, peeling, etc.

Therefore, you should use lotion immediately after washing your face, and then use the essence and lotion, so that the skin can better absorb it.

  6. It ‘s not that you can wash your face with only cleansing milk. You have to remove makeup before cleansing. Generally speaking, cleansing milk can only wash away sweat, sebum, and aging keratinocyte nuclei. So many women now useThe cleansing level is 2 steps, one is to remove makeup first, and the other is to cleanse the face.

Because the ingredients in the makeup remover contain vegetable oil, oil-water emulsifier, and surfactant, it can thoroughly clean the dirt and makeup that remain in the deep, so that the face can be completely cleaned.

  7. Washing your face with a towel will only make your face wash more and more dirty. Because the loop pile of the towel is at least ten times larger than the pores, it is difficult to remove dirt and oil from the deep skin. In addition, a towel that has been wet for a long time will notA lot of bacteria have grown, and if they rub against the skin, they can cause skin allergies.

Therefore, it is best to use a soft cleansing sponge when washing your face, and to dry and disinfect it often.

  8. Can I clean my pores by washing my face with a sponge?

Do not be silly.

  This idea is actually a kind of psychological suggestion.

The function of the face wash sponge is to make rich foam, let the foam fully contact the skin, and wash out the dirt in the pores.

But be aware that cleansing sponges are used at most twice a week, otherwise your skin will “knead” more and more rough.

  9. Buy facial cleanser. Do n’t buy multi-functional products. The multi-functional products may not work well. The cleanser is to clean the skin and remove the dirt. If too many functional products may cause the basic cleansing, you ca n’t do it.Well, the other auxiliary function is useless.

At the same time, too many functional ingredients enter the pores without any protection on the skin, which causes a burden on the skin.

Therefore, the 2 basics required for cleansing are all you need to clean and moisturize the skin.

  10, using scrub cleansing products with Yingying will not help you wash your face thoroughly, believe it or not, your skin will really thicken!

This is not to scare you, nor is it to refer to a person’s “cheeky” character.

Many girls choose cleansing products with scrub particles every day when cleaning their face, and feel that they will thoroughly clean the face during the intense rubbing process.

As everyone knows, scrubs can stimulate the epidermis excessively through mechanical action, destroying the stratum corneum cells on the surface of the skin, resulting in cell division and proliferation in the basal layer. Long-term use will make the skin thicker and rougher.

Children need guidance to learn yoga

Children need guidance to learn yoga

Adult yoga moves are not necessarily suitable for children.

Children’s yoga activities are best designed to meet their physical development needs.

  There is a boom in children’s yoga in Australia, and some secondary schools offer yoga classes to guide students to concentrate on the art of body stretching.

However, the medical profession believes that yoga may not be suitable for all children, especially children with inherently tight muscles.

  Fletcher, a mentor of the “Life Yoga Association” in Australia, said that yoga can help people build self-confidence, increase physical flexibility, improve personal posture, and achieve unity of mind and heart. It is a healthy activity for children.

She said: “Children are not difficult to learn yoga because their bodies are flexible.

Fletcher explained that the deep breathing of yoga can help improve recovery and tracheal sensitivity. It can also strengthen the personal immune system and relieve mental tension.

  But you need to be on the sidelines, but the physical therapist at the Children’s Hospital in Sydney, Bins, said that adult yoga moves may not be suitable for children.

Children’s yoga activities are best designed to meet their physical development needs.
And some children with special needs should consult a doctor before attending a yoga class.

  Bins said, “Children with tight muscles should consult with their doctor before practicing yoga.

He said that when practicing yoga, children should be instructed by their instructors to prevent them from unknowingly making physical harm.

  Practicing yoga in the mind has also become a popular parent-child activity. The yoga instructor Sherhorn, who lives in southern Sydney, practices with his five- and three-year-old children.

She said: “It is not easy for children to calm down and cultivate their minds and spirits, but if they practice from a young age, they will find that yoga is a very natural activity and never dull.

Representative Sherhorn, parents refuse to force if the child is not interested in yoga.

Taohe Chengqi Decoction for constipation and blood stasis

Taohe Chengqi Decoction for constipation and blood stasis

[Source]”On Typhoid Fever”.

  [Synonym]Taoren Chengqi Decoction (“Medical Recipes” Volume 54 cited “Treatment of Febrile Diseases”).

  [Composition]50 peach cores (peeled, pointed), 6 grams of cinnamon sticks (peeled), 12 grams of rhubarb, 6 grams of licorice, 6 grams of awns.[Usage]Upper five flavors, 700 ml of water, four flavors before cooking,Take 300 milliliters, remove the boil, dissolve the nanmang, and simmer on the heat, lower the heat, and take 100 milliliters on an empty stomach, three times daily.

When small profits.

  [Function]break blood and stasis.

  【Indications】 The stasis and heat are stored in the lower coke, the abdomen is swollen, the stool is black, the urine is self-interesting, and even the slang is thirsty. The person is crazy, has fever at night, and has blood stasis, amenorrhea, dysmenorrhea, and postpartum malaria.The pulse is heavy or astringent.

  [Addition and Subtraction]1.

Constipation of the stool: sturdy, magnolia.


Irritability and thirst: Coptis chinensis, Cotinus coggygria.


Although urination is beneficial: psyllium, Poria, Mutong.


Daxue stagnation: plus thirty-seven, red.


The lochia is not bad: add Puhuang, Wulingzhi.


Allergic rhinoplasty, dentate: addictive land, grass root.


Qi stagnation and pain: incense stick, crustacean.

  [Usage]Take cold clothes before or after meals.

5 ways to eat honey

5 ways to eat honey

Reminder: Children under one year old should not take it. After experiencing Fuxia, everyone will feel more and more dry and uncomfortable. You will feel dryness in the mouth, nose, skin and other parts to varying degrees, and even dry mouth and dry cough.Symptoms of phlegm loss, sore throat, fatigue, and dry stools can become irritable even with emotions.

  Traditional medicine believes that autumn is dry, and dryness is easy to hurt the lungs, leading to insufficient lung yin and lung seizures. Therefore, in this season, people should pay attention to nourishing the lungs and protecting the lungs to prevent the damage of autumn dryness.

Ancient Chinese medical scientists have long thought for us about the best dietary recipe for Qiuzao: “Chao Chao brine, late evening honey soup”, that is, drink salt water during the day and honey water at night.A good way to keep your body hydrated is to keep your health in autumn and resist aging. At the same time, it can prevent cough and constipation caused by autumn dryness.

  Honey is particularly rich in nutrients.

The main ingredients are glucose and fructose, the content of which reaches 70%, at least, it also contains protein, amino acids, vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin D and so on.

Honey has a strong physical fitness, enhances intelligence, increases hemoglobin, and improves myocardial function.

“Compendium of Materia Medica” records: “Honey has five functions: clearing heat, replenishing, detoxifying, moisturizing, and relieving pain.

“Modern medicine has also proven that honey is effective for complications such as neurasthenia, hypertension, coronary arteriosclerosis, and lung disease.

Therefore, often taking honey in autumn can prevent Qiuzao from harming the human body, leading to the effects of nourishing and nourishing the lungs.

  It is especially reminded that, under normal circumstances, fresh and mature honey can be taken without heating. It is best to use warm or cold water below 40 ° C instead of taking it, so that the nutritional content of honey will not be damaged and it will help to make full use of it.In order to play its due role in medical care.

  Phlegm is more abundant, abdominal distension or weak bowel diarrhea, honey should be used with caution, diabetic patients, children under one year old should not be taken.

In addition, fake honey is often flooded on the market at present, mainly fake honey made of high fructose syrup, which is light in color and extremely transparent.

But compared to honey, its nutrition is single, without vitamins, amino acids, minerals and active enzymes.

Consumers should choose specialty stores to buy products with guaranteed quality.

  Several kinds of honey medicinal food use honey Sydney water to take 1-2 Sydney, peeled and cored and cut into pieces, put in a stew pot, add twisted frozen boiling water, put in a pot and simmer in water for about 1 hour, take out and coolThen add about 2 spoons of honey and stir well to drink water and eat pear meat, which can achieve the effect of moistening the lungs and moisturizing; relieve the dry mouth, thirst, and dry throat caused by Qiuzao.

  Honey milk drink 50 ml of honey, 50 ml of milk, 25 grams of black sesame seeds.

Black sesame is smashed and blended with honey and milk.

Suitable for postpartum blood deficiency, intestinal dryness, constipation, chlorosis, and moist skin.

  Banana honey porridge with 50-100 grams of rice, 200 grams of bananas, honey.

After the rice is boiled, add the bananas cut into small pieces. After cooling, add honey to eat, which can moisturize the bowels and nourish the yin and beauty.

  Take 400 grams of white radish in honey and radish juice, wash, peel and chop, wrap the juice with clean gauze, take 60 ml each time and add a spoonful of honey to mix and swallow, three times a day, even for 3-5 days, for constipationThe best effect.

  Take 2 tablespoons of honey in honey water, and use warm boiling water below 40 ℃ to wash it, which can quickly replenish energy.

Inhaling honey water after exercise or staying up late can relieve fatigue.

The most labor-saving lazy fitness method in the office

The most labor-saving lazy fitness method in the office

Nowadays people’s pace of life is accelerating, especially office workers, who work in the office most of the day and do not have time to work out. In this way, long-term exercise will threaten their health.

So what if I do n’t have time to go to the gym?

You must know the home lazy bodybuilding method. Today, Xiaobian gives support to lazy people. The most convenient lazy bodybuilding method in history, office workers quickly learn and relax yourself!


Stretching your waist is easy to do. When you get up in the morning, you can stretch your waist and feel comfortable, and it will also make your body feel differently excited.

So lazy people who don’t want to go to the gym to do sports, can often stretch their waists, this is also a very good fitness method.

  Specific method: Give yourself the back of your head, then arch your waist forward, then stretch your arms out, a comfortable position.

This will make you very comfortable and will make your brain more awake.


Abdominal walking method When walking normally and height, it is necessary to forcefully reduce the abdomen and cooperate with abdominal breathing to make the lower abdominal muscles firm.

I’m not used to it for the first day or two, but as long as I remind myself to “stomach to lose weight”, and it will stimulate gastrointestinal peristalsis, promote the discharge of waste in the body, smooth air flow and increase lung capacity.

After a few weeks, not only the lower abdomen tends to rise, but the walking posture will be more charming.

  ”Belly breathing”: The belly is raised when you inhale, and tightened when you exhale.


The bodybuilding method is mainly to maintain muscle strength and balance, and it can also effectively relieve fatigue.

  Specific method: Put your body together, bend over, bury your head, put your hands on your head or align yourself, stand still for ten seconds, and then roll up and down 20
times. After that, stretch your waist.Very comfortable.


Large left and right twists can prevent and alleviate the pain of waist and legs, and also have a certain relief effect on the neck and back pain, mainly can increase the pull of the lower back.

  Specific method: You can take a vertical lying position, with the left leg straight, the right leg crossing from the front, and the horizontal opening above, then twist, then change direction and continue to twist.


Exercises that can be done anytime, anywhere-Always choose stairs Don’t insert elevators or escalators, always choose stairs.

If you are afraid that time is too late, go to work a few minutes in advance.

To have a strong tibia, climb the stairs with your toes.

  Climbing the stairs requires relaxation, relaxation, retention, uprightness, straight tails, and parallel natural dancing, which can actively relax the tense muscle groups, which can even overcome diseases such as neck, shoulder, waist, and leg pain. Therefore, the staircase is a sedentary officeThe most convenient way for people to work out.


This action is repeated several times a day by contracting the hip muscles. The so-called thigh dancer uses this technique to tighten the head line.


To park your car a bit further, you must walk for at least two minutes to reach your destination.

Don’t take it easy, walking is good for you.


When carrying a bag, keep your arms and body deliberately away from each other to exercise your biceps and triceps.


The dog runs with the dog for at least 20 minutes, and even throws the ball to pick it up, which can exercise your upper body muscles.


In the initial MRT, never standing still is the most basic norm and the easiest way to exercise.


When you go shopping on the street, you do n’t have to participate in any name for a whole day. It allows the eyes to enjoy the enjoyment of the display window and walks a lot without knowing it. It is worth trying.

  12 Rather than carrying two baskets rather than a cart, this is a great way to exercise your arm muscles while walking.


When carrying a fully loaded shopping bag, do not bend your elbows with your arms hanging naturally, so that your forearms and your body are vertical.

Put a small ball between your knees and clamp it. When we are sitting in front, doing this exercise can exercise the internal muscles.

Or you can change to clamp a book.


Use a photocopier farthest away from your seat, even if your work must be stuck on the seat all day, which will at least take you a few more steps.


When you are with your family, you accompany your child on a bicycle. Children ride slowly, at most two kilometers per hour, so instead of asking you to ride with them, you run with them.


Doing housework at home is simple. Doing housework is a sport that serves two purposes.

Use a vacuum cleaner, wipe windows, take a bath, etc. all of these exercises can exercise your muscles.

You can also try a method that can consume a little more energy, such as attaching something to the handle of the window mop when you clean the window glass to add weight.

  18 years old

When you use a vacuum cleaner, you can bend and bend your back to straighten your thigh muscles without back pain.


With his back against the wall, he bent, as if sitting in a chair with his colleague Harrah in the hallway is best to maintain this posture.

Hupeng drew companions to dance with vibrant music, burning 8 per minute.

35 cards of static electricity.

  twenty one

A sport that guarantees no tiredness. Laughing and laughing a hundred times burns as much degeneration as paddles for 10 minutes.

  twenty two

Do not lean forward on all kinds of flowers and plants, keep the balance in a longitudinally bent squatting position at any time, and enjoy the movement and full of fitness.

You can also use this squatting position to usually get water at the water dispenser.

Freelance perception

Freelance perception

Freelance does not mean unemployment. What is freelance?

Consultant, temporary worker, free agent, Shan Feiyan, Lone Ranger, solo household, freelance . all in!

However, freelancers can suffer from unemployed people who work independently, are not affiliated with any organization, and do not make long-term commitments to any employer to engage in a certain profession; they are mental workers (writers, editors, accountants, etc.) or service providers; Under their guidance, they find work by themselves, often but not all at home.

  If you think of yourself as self-supporting; often have the desire to cast something from scratch; hope to have the opportunity to grasp your own destiny; have been pursuing the dream of freedom; like to work independently; have a clear long-term goal and recentGoals, and often they can be achieved, then you have the potential to become a freelancer.

  If you hate commuting to and from work; don’t like the closedness of working in the office; tired of the interpersonal relationship in the office; you have done your best in the existing work, but there is no development; you are actively looking for the best job, learningNew skills; want to wear cheap and comfortable clothing, then you may become a freelancer.

  If you are not working now; hope to earn more money; be a good financial manager, self-disciplined and practical, then you may become a freelancer.

  Freelance white-collar workers beware of “freedom”. Freelancers are gradually changing from “non-working professionals” in conservative concepts to enviable “unbound people.”

But they also have some new problems, mainly psychological problems, and some suffer from freedom syndrome.

  From a psychological perspective, the formation of what is called “freedom syndrome” is quite related to the characteristics of the profession.

As a white-collar worker, no one but yourself will come to point you at your job. Self-management ability becomes the only binding force for freelancers.

No one will deduct your salary when you sleep until two in the afternoon.

Among the psychological problems of freelancers, the influence of life pressure is undoubtedly the largest and most realistic.

The near-term pressure is whether we can make a living this month, and the farther we have to consider whether the progressive financial resources are stable and reliable.

Even people who are currently small achievers often worry about what to do if they are seriously ill someday.

Freelancers do not have labor insurance, old-age insurance, or medical insurance to buy by themselves, and the pressure on life becomes a burden to a certain extent.

Freelancers were naturally full of confidence when choosing this path, thinking that with their own talents, they would not worry about their lack of success, but they would lose their stability and feel fully free.

  For freelance white-collar workers, the ability to manage themselves and arrange themselves is very important.

From this point of view, more than ordinary office workers need to understand a scientific and healthy lifestyle.

The efficacy and role of pineapple

The efficacy and role of pineapple

Pineapple, also known as pineapple, is rich in nutrients, as well as a variety of vitamins and other nutrients required by the human body.

Pineapple is also one of the favorite fruits of Xiaobian, often put it down.

The preference for pineapples is more about the understanding of pineapples, especially about the efficacy and effects of pineapples . reducing cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. Pineapples are rich in medicinal value throughout the body. A pineapple enzyme can be used in pineapple skins for long-term consumption.Can effectively reduce the incidence of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, diabetes, hypertension and cancer.

  The pineapple is sweet and warm, has the effects of quenching thirst, quenching thirst, digesting and reducing diarrhea. It can clear away heat, promote urination, and has the same thirst quenching effect as watermelon. It is one of the rare seasonal fruits in summer.

  Beauty and weight loss Pineapple is rich in vitamin B, which can effectively promote the skin’s bright and moisturizing, has certain beauty effects, and can also lose weight!

In addition to the above effects, it can also improve human immunity and resist virus invasion.

  Promote blood circulation and wound healing Pineapple has anti-inflammatory effect, can promote blood circulation and wound healing.

Pineapple can also reduce the symptoms of cough, and it has obvious therapeutic effect on throat diseases caused by colds.

  Pineapple has a lot to do, and capturing its effects from every detail will countless!