[Efficacy and Function of Shoumei Tea]_Benefits_Necessary

[Efficacy and Function of Shoumei Tea]_Benefits_Necessary

The main origin of Shoumei Tea is Fujian, which is a tea with a lot of benefits to the human body.

Shoumei tea is a kind of cold tea, which can effectively clear heat and detoxify, remove fire, etc., especially the older Shoumei tea is a good medicine for treating children with high fever; Shoumei tea also contains vitamin A, which is helpful to improveStrength; friends who smoke often can also drink Shoumei tea, which can effectively protect the liver.

Let’s introduce its efficacy and role in detail below.

Efficacy and role of Shoumei Tea: 1. The ancient books related to clearing heat: Shoumei Tea is cold in nature and has obvious rhino horn effect. It is a holy medicine for measles.

It has the functions of clearing heat and detoxifying.

Especially the aged Shoumei Tea, which can cure the fire, is regarded as an antipyretic medicine for treating high fever in children in Vietnam.

2. The results of eyesight research show that the content of vitamin a in Shoumei tea is extremely high. After being absorbed by the body, it can be quickly converted into vitamin a, which can help relieve vision and prevent night blindness and dry eye disease.

Friends who often use computers or watch TV may wish to drink more Shoumei tea.

3, liver-protecting Shoumei tea tea flavonoids natural substances, these components can accelerate the rapid decomposition of acetaldehyde, the metabolite of ethanol, reduce the damage to the liver by ethanol, is the best tea to protect the liver.

Those who regularly smoke and drink are advised to drink more.

4. Anti-inflammatory Shoumei tea contains a large amount of tea polyphenols, which has significant inhibitory and killing effects on pathogenic bacteria and viruses.

In addition, trauma, skin peeling, inflammation, etc., using thick Shoumei eyebrow tea rinse, can also have significant anti-inflammatory and bactericidal effects.

5. In addition to the other nutritional ingredients inherent in tea, Shoumei Tea also contains active enzymes.

Long-term intake of Shoumei Tea can increase lipase activity in the body, effectively inhibit the secretion of insulin, thereby reducing and balancing the effect of blood sugar.

In general, Shoumei Tea has health effects such as clearing heat, eyesight, protecting the liver, anti-inflammatory, and lowering blood sugar.

In addition, often drinking Shoumei Tea can also refresh and reduce blood pressure, and help digestion and other functions.

Shoumei tea grade Shoumei tea is commonly called Gongmei tea.

According to different producing areas, picking standards and processing techniques, Shoumei tea can be divided into special grade, first grade, second grade, and third grade.

1. Super Shoumei Tea, Super Shoumei Tea, leaves are young and tender, fat and plump, the ropes are even, tightly rolled as the eyebrows are not broken; the color is gray green or dark green, and the aroma is very fresh.

After brewing, the soup color is light yellow, very translucent, and tastes sweet and mellow.

2. The first-grade Shoumei tea is a first-grade Shoumei tea, with leaves Zhang Shangnen, showing a heart full of vigor, strips and rolls are slightly spread and evenly broken, and are broken; most of them are dark green, and the aroma is more pure.

After soaking, the soup is orange-yellow and clear, and it tastes slightly sweet and mellow.

3. Second-level Shoumei Tea Second-level Shoumei Tea, the leaves are slightly thick and old, showing the slightest, the strips are still even and broken, there are broken pieces; generally dark green or yellow-green, the color is more mixed, the aroma is pure.

After brewing with boiling water, the soup color is dark yellow or reddish, and the taste is strong and slightly mellow.

4, third-grade Shoumei tea, third-grade Shoumei tea, leaves are thick and old, white sparsely exposed, the cord is slightly rolled, still uniform and broken; the color is yellow and green, and the aroma is a bit dull.

After soaking, the soup is dark yellow and red, with a slightly strong or bland taste.

[How to make pumpkin and sausage fried rice]_Homemade method of pumpkin and sausage fried rice_How to make pumpkin and sausage fried rice_How to make pumpkin and sausage fried rice

[How to make pumpkin and sausage fried rice]_Homemade method of pumpkin and sausage fried rice_How to make pumpkin and sausage fried rice_How to make pumpkin and sausage fried rice

Have you become accustomed to a dependent life, and have you lost a lot of your abilities?

At least for most people, the ability to cook is now lost.

If you want to be Almighty, you certainly don’t want to be like this.

So, please ask me now to learn how to make pumpkin sausage fried rice.


12 pumpkin peeled and diced 2.

21 Wash and dice the sausage. If the sausage is too salty, soak it in rice water for three or four hours before dicing 3.

Put some oil in the pan and fry the pumpkin until it changes color 4.

Pour in diced sausage and stir fry 5.

Sauté until the sausage is discolored 6.

Pour in rice and stir fry 7.

Stir until the rice grains are clear 8.

Sprinkle with shallot leaves 9.

Stir fry evenly. Now many parents are afraid that their children will not eat it by themselves?

This is a real problem, and you need to solve it yourself.

Today, you who know all the methods of pumpkin sausage fried rice can really change yourself.

[Dibutyl Cholesterol]_Effect_Efficacy

[Dibutyl Cholesterol]_Effect_Efficacy

Surely many people don’t know much about dibutyl hydroxytoluene. It is a preservative, often used in food and cosmetics, and has the function of preventing slight spoilage in food.

The problem of food additives is now more generally recognized as a food safety issue, so if it is often used in foods containing dibutylhydroxyphenyl, it must be concerned about the situation of this substance.

Let’s take a closer look.

BHT has high stability and strong antioxidant capacity. Its application in food is basically the same as BHA, but its antioxidant capacity is not as good as BHA.

BHT has no effect on anti-oxidation when exposed to heat, and does not react orange when it encounters iron ions like PG.

BHT can effectively delay the oxidative rancidity of vegetable oil and improve the storage period of trace fast foods.

Effective in shortening, there is no optimal concentration of BHT. As the concentration of BHT increases, the stability of fats also improves.

However, at higher concentrations, the rate of improvement of the stability of the fat becomes smaller, and the concentration reaches 0.

Above 02%, a phenolic odor will be dating.

BHT is cheap, 1/5 of BHA?
1/8, replacing major antioxidants.

It is currently one of the largest antioxidants expected to be produced.

Fat-soluble antioxidants.

The state’s “Sanitary Standards for the Use of Food Additives” (GB2760-1996) stipulates that the maximum amount of breakfast cereals is 0.

2g / kg.

When dibutyl graphene is mixed with butyl cholesterol anisole, it must not exceed 0.

2g / kg.

Di-tert-butyl toluene is mixed with tert-butyl benzoate and gallate propionate for a period of time, in which di-tert-butyl glycol and tert-butyl anisole cannot exceed 0.

1 g / kg, propyl gallate should not exceed 0.

05g / kg (the maximum usage is calculated by your aunt).

It can also be used as a gum candy ingredient.

Other use reference: 0 in animal oil.


01%; vegetable oil, 0.


02%; baked goods, 0.


04%; cereals, 0.


02%; dehydrated soy milk, 0.

001%; essential oil, 0.


1; food packaging materials 0.

1%; the amount of chewing gum polysaccharide can reach 0.


In addition, according to the “Scope of Food Additives and Supplementary Standards” (1986) in Taiwan Province of China, xylene hydroxyl can be used in oils, creams, dried fish, shellfish products and dried products, and its usage is less than 0.

2 g / kg; for frozen fish, shellfish and frozen whale meat suspensions, the maximum amount used is 0.

1 g / kg; for chewing gum, bubble gum, below 0.
75 g / kg.

According to FAO / WHO (1984), general edible oils and fats, when used with dibutyltoluene alone or with tert-butylanisole, tert-butylhydroquinone, and gallate, the maximum amount is 0.

2g / kg (in which the gallate should not exceed 100mg / kg).

Accumulation with butyl cholesterol anisole and gallate is 0.

2g / kg, but the gallate should not exceed 100mg / kg; it should not be used for direct disinfection, nor for milk and its preparation; for margarine, alone or with tert-butyl anisole, gallateWhen combined, the maximum usage is 0.

1 g / kg.

Japan regulations: used for fish, shellfish frozen products, whale frozen products except liquid, the maximum amount is 1g / kg; used for oil, butter, fish, shellfish dried products and salt products.

For dry starch, the maximum usage is 0.

2 g / kg; chewing gum, maximum usage is 0.

75 g / kg.

Identification method: In 10 mL of this product’s methanol solution, add 10 mL of water, 2 mL of sodium nitrite solution (3 g / L) and 5 mL of o-dianisidine methanolic hydrochloric acid mixed solution[2 g / L, methanol 1 mol / L hydrochloric acid solution (4 + 6)], orange red within 3min.

Add 5 mL of chloroform and shake. The chloroform layer appears purple or magenta, and fades after exposure.

Hudian shares (002463): Profitability of domestic high-end PCB leading domestic manufacturers has significantly improved

Hudian shares (002463): Profitability of domestic high-end PCB leading domestic manufacturers has significantly improved

Event: Shanghai Electric Power Co., Ltd. released its 2018 annual report with a partial revenue of 54.

97 ppm, an increase of 18 years.

8%; net profit attributable to mother 5.

US $ 700 million, which increased by 180% each year due to the base number in 2017; non-net profit was deducted5.

1.7 billion, a big increase of 257% in ten years.

Initial PCB business gross margin 24.

18%, a big increase of 5 a year.

69%; average net margin is 10.

38%, a year-on-year increase of nearly 6%.

Maximum ROE14.

23%, a big increase of 8 a year.


ROE levels have returned to a 10-year high.

Hudian shares also released the forecast for the first quarter of 2019, with an expected net profit of 1.


700 million, an increase of 99% -142% in ten years.

Opinion: The Huangshi factory turned losses into profits and gradually realized a substantial increase in the profit level of Shanghai Electric Power.

The company will continue to transfer new orders to the newly-built Hubei Huangshi Plant, so that the Huangshi Plant can realize a turnaround from loss to profit during the year and gradually generate revenue6.

500 million yuan.

In the future, the growth of the downstream automotive and communications industries will accelerate, and the business of the Huangshi plant is expected to continue to expand.

The company’s PCB business currently has a gross margin of about 24%, and there is still room for improvement from the industry’s top 30%.

New energy sources and millimeter-wave radars have boosted the volume and price of automotive PCBs.

According to our calculations, the demand for PCBs of the three-energy system of new energy vehicles has increased by more than 800 yuan per vehicle, and the unit price of high-frequency PCB required by millimeter-wave radar is 3?
5 times.

We predict that the average value of the bicycle PCB reset will increase from 464 yuan in 2018 to 850 yuan in 2025, during which the CAGR will be 9%.

Due to the rapid popularization of domestic new energy vehicles, the domestic automotive PCB market is conservatively estimated to recover from 10.9 billion in 2018 to $ 24.1 billion in 2025, with a CAGR of 12% during the period.

Considering that many domestic PCB suppliers including Hudian’s many products actually match vehicles sold overseas, the actual domestic automotive PCB market growth rate has changed.

The global automotive PCB market 北京桑拿洗浴保健 will reach 583 billion by 2025.

Hudian shares in automotive PCB revenue in 201812.

800 million, we estimate its global share to be 3.

About 5%, ranking first in China and the top ten in the world.

The company’s products that match 24GHz and 77GHz millimeter-wave radars and products that match new energy vehicles Sanden have been mass-produced by mainstream customers.

We noticed that the company’s high-end automotive PCB leader, German Schweizer, has contributed profits since 2018 (about 7 million yuan, irrespective of exchange rate adjustments).

In the future, to break through the outbreak of demand for high-end automotive panels, more joint forces will be formed among many companies.

Summary: The company’s overall operating conditions are good, and its net profit has remained high for three consecutive quarters.

We predict that in the next 1-2 years, the networking of automotive PCB and 5G will promote the company’s PCB product volume and price to rise.

The increase of the company’s maximum production capacity and the optimization of the new plant’s production efficiency will further enhance profitability.

The company’s mass production capacity in the field of automotive 77GHz millimeter-wave radar is scarce in China, and Schweizer, which is jointly invested in, continues to develop and strengthen the solution’s leading position in the domestic automotive PCB field.
We expect the company’s revenue for 2019/2020/2021 to be 65.


5 ten percent, an increase of 18 per year.

9% / 17.

5% / 15.

3%, net profit attributable to mother is 6.



4.4 billion yuan, corresponding to EPS 0.



67, an annual increase of 18.

2% / 28.

6% / 31.


The corresponding PE is 27.



4x, first coverage, given “recommended” rating.

Risk warning: The popularity of new energy / millimeter wave radars in cars is less than expected; global car sales are less than expected; 5G networking progress is less than expected.

Minutes of Research of Yongtai Energy (600157


Minutes of Research of Yongtai Energy (600157)


Brief introduction of the company: The company is the largest private energy listed company in Shanxi. It is currently involved in the three major sectors of coal, electricity and petrochemicals. It has entered the coal industry since 2009. It has now grown to coke coal 975 per year / 12.44 million kilowatts of installed power.The plate achieved trial operation, with a blending capacity of 1,000 tons / year for petrochemical oil products, and 1250 plugged into the terminal.

Coal: Currently coal38.

7.3 billion tons of reserves, of which 9.

8.5 billion tons are coking coal reserves. All coal mines in production are in Shanxi territories, in Shanxi Lingshi and Changzhi.

Thermal coal is currently undeveloped, mainly resource-based, and is located in Shaanxi, Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang, and Australia.

Coal production remained at 1,000 tons.

Electricity: 12.44 million kilowatts of installed capacity, with about 8 million kilowatts of units in operation. The power plants are mainly distributed in areas such as Jiangsu and Henan. The units are large in size and have achieved ultra-low emissions.

Among them, 6 thermal power units are 1 million kilowatts, ultra-supercritical units; 6 600,000 kilowatt units are under construction, and there are 4 × 40 + 2 × 10 gas units.

On the whole, the unit is relatively advanced and the coal consumption is relatively low. The average coal consumption in 17 years is 297 grams, which is lower than the level of the five major groups.

The lowest installed coal consumption is over 270 grams.

In addition, the 5 and 10 terminals on the top of Zhangjiagang in Jiangsu directly supply Jiangsu Shazhou Power Plant (2 * 63 + 2 * 100 units, with an annual coal consumption of about 800).

Petrochemical business: It is currently in the final stage. It is expected to be put into trial operation in the second quarter of this year. The petrochemical project is located in Daya Bay, Huizhou, Guangzhou.

1.15 million cubic meters of oil depots, including 590,000 bonded oil depots (free of duty and consumption tax), supporting the construction 西安耍耍网 of a 30-distillation crude oil terminal and two pile-level oil terminals to form 1,000 fuel oil blending capabilities.

Storage capacity in early 2000.

After being put into production and acceptance, it will contribute cash inflow to the company.

The company will no longer have capital investments in the future.

Debt response: 1.

The head office-level creditor’s committee led by China Development Bank and CITIC helps companies sort out the situation; on-site due diligence was completed at the end of last year, and the follow-up bank’s general direction principle is not to draw loans, not to pressure loans, and continue to borrow.

Actively push forward, formulate creditor’s rights solutions, and discuss with the war.


At present, he is actively dating the Zhantou Jingneng Group. At that time, the initial preliminary intention was that Zhantou took control of the group, but the market situation has changed somewhat and the plan is still being formulated.


Company self-rescue: A 23.8 billion asset sales plan has been formulated, and non-main businesses are being packaged for processing, and some projects under construction can also be considered for disposal. Such Nanyang Power Plant and petrochemical projects are looking for suitable alternatives.

At present, the impedance is about 68 billion, which is expected to pass 3?
In five years, the rejection rate fell to less than 50%.


Supported by local government leaders, Shazhou Power Plant-Zhangjiagang State-owned Assets Operation Platform.

Supported by a local government platform of USD 500 million, Nanyang Power Plant’s projects under construction have received support from the local government; the local government of coal industry also actively helps enterprises to produce normally.


Under the current coal power construction project in Shaanxi Yulin Haizetan project: the planned production capacity is 600 tons and the reserve is 11.

At 4.5 billion tons, coal was scattered at 6,500 kcal. In 2017, the Development and Reform Commission approved the general rules of the mining area, and the Shaanxi government also approved the mineral rights resources. This year, it is expected to invest about 400 million to complete the exploration and transfer work.

At present, the company holds 70% of the shares. Whether it is selling or dating partners, the value-added is relatively large.

Nanyang Power Plant plans to build a 2 × 1 million kilowatt ultra-supercritical unit. It is expected that the state will support projects in old areas with a focus on one unit at the end of this year and one unit next year.

The newly added power generation is close to more than 9 billion kilowatt-hours, which is the main local grid-connected unit.

At the same time, the power plant along the Menghua Railway can cooperate with the company’s Shaanxi coal mine in the future to truly realize the integration of coal and electricity.


Operating data and profitability of each segment The company generated 25 billion kWh in the first three quarters.
The first three quarters produced 692 tungsten carbide, an increase of 20 inches over the same period of the previous year. The original plan was a series of 900 mm. It is now possible to complete the plan.
Profit: 15% a year for coal?
2 billion net profit.

Electricity Jiangsu Power Plant has high utilization hours, which can reach 5,200 hours, which can achieve profitability.

Henan’s utilization hours are slightly lower, and it is currently at a break-even state.


The cost and source of coal used in power plants are currently high thermal coal prices, and the increase in coal procurement costs in the power sector affects profits.7 every year?
800 tons, Henan uses 1,000 tons of coal, adding up to less than 2,000 tons.

Changxie Coal also has, but the current financial status of the company, upstream coal companies require high payment from us, so the price discount is not great.

Imports are also being done, and the pier recently imported a vessel of Australian coal.


Under the operation of the coal sector, the current price of coking coal remains high. Raw coal does not include more than 800 yuan in taxes, and clean coal is 1,200?

Pricing follows the market and focuses on local sales.

The cost is relatively stable, the production cost is 210 yuan, and the personnel cost is also relatively stable without significant growth.


The performance forecast shows that financial expenses have a great impact on the company’s production and operation. Can it be reduced in the future?

The 18-year performance announcement discloses that the increase in financial expenses affects profits.

28 ppm, with financial costs expected to decrease in the future

At present, the company’s comprehensive business cost is close to 7%. After the reorganization, it is expected to save more than 1 billion US dollars. The company is gradually replacing high-interest loans, and the current institutions have downgraded our renewed interest rates.

At present, the state of Australian resources is in the exploration stage. It is expected to design 200 well patterns. In the future, it is planned to find partners to promote the project construction. The resource reserve is more than 700 million tons. It is expected to be expanded to 400 after production.
500 ruler.


Can cumulative litigation bring future performance?

Cumulative impact of litigation matters 30.

5.1 billion US dollars, the subsequent impact on profits is small, mainly affecting the recognition of debt levels, because these issues are creditors’ lawsuits against the company’s debts, which can be effectively resolved in the debt restructuring plan in the future, and will not redundantlyPerformance is having an impact.


Has the company’s reserves of shale gas made any progress?

The shale gas project is still in the exploration stage, and the initial exploration results are not bad, but the company will not make large-scale capital expenditures at present, and will not move forward in the short term.

Western Mining (601168): Steady Growth in Western Non-Ferrous Leaders

Western Mining (601168): Steady Growth in Western Non-Ferrous Leaders
This report reads: The company is located in the west and the industrial chain is complete. In the future, after the completion of the Yulong copper mine expansion, it will gradually release output and increase the company’s performance. Investment Highlights: Cover for the first time and assign a neutral rating.The company is the leading non-ferrous enterprise in the western region with a complete industrial chain.Comprehensive PE and PB assessment method, the first coverage of the target price5.68 yuan, forecast company 2019-2021EPS0.39/0.25/0.38 yuan, corresponding to a PE14 / 23/15 estimate of 2019-2021, giving a neutral rating. The company is located in the west and the industrial chain is complete.Western Mining’s subordinate mines are mainly distributed in Qinghai, Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang, Sichuan, Gansu, and Tibet. Among them, the Xieshan lead-zinc mine is one of the largest annual lead-zinc mines in China, and the Tibet Yulong copper mine is the largest single copper.Mine has abundant resource reserves and comprehensive varieties. As of March 2019, the company’s 西安耍耍网 copper, lead and zinc reserves were 669.07 early, 203.23 plasma and 367.96 inches. Production has grown steadily.In January 2018, Western Mining started the equity acquisition of Huidong Daliang, and the zinc concentrate output increased significantly in 2018, reaching 13.4 nominal.The reconstruction and expansion project of the Yulong Copper Mine started in 2018 and is gradually progressing. It is expected that the first trial production conditions at the end of 2020 will reach 10 inches / year electrolytic copper, 90 tons / year ore dressing and 1,800 tons / year mining and dressing.It is expected that the company’s output of zinc concentrate / lead concentrate / copper concentrate will reach 16/8/12 in 2021.5 nominal, of which copper concentrate will contribute 7.5 increments to help the company’s performance rise steadily. Global zinc and lead are in a tight balance.At present, lead and zinc inventory is low, and the industry is still in a tight balance. However, considering that the global economy has entered a recession stage, the price of lead and zinc is expected to decline slowly, affecting the company’s performance. Catalyst: Significant rise in lead and zinc prices. Risk reminder: The company’s mining progress at Yulong Mine has fallen short of expectations, and product prices fell more than expected.

The spring of the fat house, the health of the Dina small glasses | the top 8 in the week

The spring of the fat house, the health of the Dina small glasses | the top 8 in the week

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Music | Forever, it’s your sweetheart’s heart-warming reason: I’m crazy about calling a sweet lady.

Music | Colombia Heatwave Reasons: Not all bands dare to sing in the pool.

Music | Hello noon band “Tell me” heart reason: good music plus small theater, soothing the soul of a single dog.

Music | German original singer Jonas – live heart reason: long handsome, sing good, but also on-site touch!

Music | Sister, I respect you is the real punk heart reason: quiet as a virgin, moving like a crazy rabbit said this is it?
Music | Dubai crowds reason: finally rounded the dream of going to Dubai to watch the music festival!

Music|Sweetheart family “hairband on my head” heart reason: What can be more relaxed and comfortable than riding a sailboat, blowing the sea breeze.

Landscape | Piano recital on the top of Rocky!

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Bad psychology will marry with persistent disease

Bad psychology will “marry” with persistent disease

(1) Actor Chen Xiaoxu, who became famous as Lin Daiyu, died of breast cancer on May 13, 2007 at the age of 42.
While mourning the death of a beautiful lady, people silently pray for her well-being in another world.
Chen Xiaoxu is kind and beautiful, has a similar character to Lin Daiyu, but also has the same fate as Lin Daiyu-Minghua thanked her early and hurriedly left the world.
  Chen Xiaoxu died of breast cancer for various reasons, but has a close relationship with her c-type personality.
What is a C-type personality?
The so-called C-type personality is “cancer personality”, C is the first letter of Cancer (cancer) in English.
Human personality is related to certain diseases. It was first proposed by American cardiologist Friedman and behavioral medical scientist Rosenman. They reported their important findings in 1959: Type A personality and crownHeart disease is closely related.
  When it comes to the discovery and induction of A-type personality, it is very interesting.
Friedman and Rosenman noticed a strange phenomenon after observing the chairs in the coronary heart clinic they opened: the leg on the right rear of the waiting room chair was often shortened due to wear and tear, and the place where the patient stepped on was alsoObvious dents were abraded.
It turned out that the patients waiting were very anxious and complained that the waiting time was too long. They often tilted up the chair and rotated it on the ground with only the back right leg of the chair to kill time.
After long-term observation, the two believe that it is this particular character that is closely related to the occurrence of coronary heart disease.
  After observing a large number of such behaviors, Friedman summarized its characteristics in four words in 1987: irritability, agitation, anger, and irritability.
Two of these four words begin with the letter A, so he calls people with this characteristic A-type personality.
At present, psychological medical experts divide people’s personality into A, B, C, and D types.
Furthermore, it is pointed out that people with type A personality are susceptible to coronary heart disease and people with type C personality are susceptible to cancer.
  People with type A personality have obvious characteristics: fast-paced life, rush to do things, often do one thing, or do another thing, or several things together; be competitive, be competitive, not afraid of difficulties, Aggressive and aggressive; outgoing personality, sharp-minded, quick and powerful, easy to irritability, irritability, excitement, can not tolerate things you do not understand; do not understand enjoyment, indifference to yourself, do not know rest and care for yourself, will not experienceThe joy of life, the whole angel himself is in a state of tension and so on.
  Studies have shown that due to the behavioral manifestations of type A personality, the heart is overburdened, increases myocardial oxygen consumption, and causes myocardial hypoxia; and promotes the increase of triglycerides and cholesterol in plasma, increases blood viscosity, and accelerates coronaryFormation of atherosclerosis.
The long-term effects of these factors have become the pathological basis of coronary heart disease.
  In studying the type A personality population, Friedman also proposed the type B personality.
Type B personality is the opposite of type A, which is a soothing, self-regulating personality trait.
They are slow, unhurried, easy-going, and have no pressure to compete and win. They will rest happily after being nervous.
Friedman and Rosenman after years of controlled follow-up observation statistics, the following results were obtained: the incidence of coronary heart disease and sudden death rate were higher in the type A personality group than in the type B personality 3.
5 times.
  Research in recent years has shown that coronary heart disease is associated with psychological stress.
Friedman and Rosenman, after a lot of research on the relationship between people’s psychological activity and disease, found that almost all patients with coronary heart disease are sharp-minded and ambitious people, which are people with type A personality.
When people are in a state of stress due to psychological stimuli in life and work, especially some strong and long-lasting stimuli, the cerebral cortex is prone to disturbances and autonomic dysfunction, which makes the sympathetic nerves excited, heart rate accelerated, and myocardial oxygen consumptionincrease.
At the same time promote platelet aggregation, increase blood viscosity and coagulation, can also lead to lipid metabolism disorders, increase blood lipids; or autonomic nervous system disorders, leading to coronary artery spasm.
If a person is in a state of tension for a long time, it is easy to develop coronary heart disease.
Most people with type A personality are those who have a strong desire for a career. Their heart is more fragile than type B personality, which is mainly caused by personality and working environment.
Therefore, if you are a person with type A personality and you are over 40 years old, don’t forget to watch out for ominous omen from the heart.
  So, how to correct a personality?
  First of all, it is necessary to establish confidence that the personality can be changed or improved, and then it can be started from the following aspects: (1) adjust the pace of life and properly “decelerate” in daily activities.
(2) Work and rest, learn to rest and entertain.
(3) Don’t take things too seriously to overcome the habit of being competitive.
(4) Learn to act in a low-key manner and be a supporting role on collective occasions.
(5) Don’t multitask and do multiple things at the same time.
(6) Leave room for everything, and do not “absolutely” treat people and things.
(7) Be friendly, look at the strengths of others, and learn from others with an open mind.(8) Be calm, don’t be impatient, and think twice about everything before you wait.

  (B) Type C personality was discovered by Harvard medical scientists through long and extensive research.

The main manifestations of the C-type personality are speechlessness, sentimentality, depression and introversion, obedience, patience, and no complaints. They never lose their temper, complain and anger, and can restrain and restrain themselves everywhere.

In life, they often sacrifice their desires to make others happy, tolerate their needs, frustrations, and anger, and to avoid them.

When such a person encounters setbacks, in fact, he is not angry and hateful, but forcibly suppresses himself.

Because they suppress their emotions too much, they give cancer a chance.

  Numerous data indicate that people with type C personality are three times more likely to develop cancer than the average person.

Why are these people vulnerable to cancer?

Psycho-neuroimmunology in modern medicine gives a more accurate answer: the psychological state of depression disrupts the balance of the internal environment and interferes with the function of the immune monitoring system and fails to clear abnormal mutant cells in time.

The so-called abnormally mutated cells refer to the cells that often change the normal appearance in everyone’s body. Such cells are very likely to cause cancer.

In this way, it is easy to cause various cancers.

At the same time, we must also see that mental depression can also interrupt the communication between certain normal cells, thereby causing the body to become cancerous.

  Too many research results have shown that people with type C personality are likely to “attach” to cancer.

A previously well-known observation report was a comparative observation of a doctor named Greer on women with recombined breast masses: one group had cancer and the other had benign breast masses.

As a result, 50% of the women in the former group had never lost their temper due to anger in the past, and only 14% of the latter group had lost their temper due to dissatisfaction.

The results of another trial were similar-Professor Otto of Sweden performed personality tests on 2550 healthy people first, and divided them into C-type and non-C-type personality replacements, and followed them for 20 years.The incidence was 65% higher than in the non-C group.

People with type C personality have a poor prognosis when they develop cancer.

A follow-up survey of 133 diabetic patients showed that those who participated in social activities, extroverted, cheerful women, had a better prognosis.

Perhaps the opposite is that the prognosis of depressed cancer patients is not optimistic.

  Lin Daiyu’s Chen Xiaoxu is a person with a typical C-type personality.

Although she has diabetes for many reasons, Chen Xiaoxu’s type C personality is closely related to the occurrence and development of her breast cancer.

From Chen Xiaoxu’s short life experience and her life, she shows that she belongs to the C-type personality.

In the impressions of Chen Xiaoxu’s colleagues and those she has dealt with, Chen Xiaoxu is Lin Daiyu, both similar and divine.

In real life, Chen Xiaoxu also admits that he and Lin Daiyu have very similar personalities.

The 42-year-old Chen Xiaoxu has not asked for a child, and she is introverted, sensitive, depressed, and stressed. These mental factors have caused her to “approach” to cancer.

She did not experience pregnancy and breastfeeding, and it was a risk factor for pregnancy, which made her unavoidable.

The death of Chen Xiaoxu reminded people of the relationship between personality and certain diseases, which sounded the alarm.

  Although human character is related to innate factors, it is often influenced by the acquired environment and shaped in long-term life practice.

Although it is a fairly stable component of human physiological characteristics, it may still change during the process of adapting to the environment.

If you find that you have the C-type personality mentioned above, don’t panic, because cancer is the result of a combination of factors, and there are only a few people with cancer, but you should not take it lightly.The potential danger of meaning.

Therefore, it is recommended that people with type C personality can make some conscious adjustments, change psychological behaviors that are not good for health, and adopt some methods that are effective for themselves to reduce their depression.

First of all, make more friends, broaden your mind, talk to your friends in a timely manner, and participate in collective cultural and sports activities.

In essence, it’s not uncommon to lose your temper with dissatisfaction and shock.

It is certain that good psychological behavior has a positive effect on disease prevention, treatment and rehabilitation.

Do you believe anti-dandruff products can help you remove dandruff?

Do you believe anti-dandruff products can help you remove dandruff?

Dandruff is a problem that many people encounter, and small dandruff is embarrassing and upsetting.

Nowadays, there are a variety of anti-dandruff products on the market: cosmetics, medicines, everything, so how to “rectify” dandruff, in order to truly achieve “dandruff disappears, hair is more outstanding”?

  The cause of dandruff is very different. Yang Shuxia, deputy chief physician of the dermatology department of Peking University First Hospital, reminds that to remove dandruff, you must first understand the cause.

According to Yang Shuxia, the cause of dandruff has not yet been determined medically, but it is suspected that “malassezia” plays a key role in the formation of dandruff.

  In addition, some skin diseases also cause dandruff problems, such as eczema, ringworm and allergies caused by hair dyes and shampoos, which may cause dandruff.

Therefore, eliminating dandruff requires symptomatic treatment and eradicating the corresponding diseases.

  Shampoo is optional for simple dandruff. If it is caused by simple dandruff instead of skin diseases, you can choose a shampoo with antidandruff function. These shampoos often contain selenium sulfide, ZPT), Etc. The main function is to inhibit the growth of Malassezia, which can play a role in removing dandruff.

  If the amount of dandruff is large and the effect of using anti-dandruff shampoo is not good, you can consider using some anti-dandruff medicines to more effectively alleviate the problem of dandruff.

  It is not appropriate to use coal tar for antidandruff. There are some drugs that can inhibit the proliferation of epidermal cells and promote the maturation of keratinocytes, thereby treating the effects of dandruff.

The reporter found in the interview that it is still recommended to use coal tar to remove dandruff.

  However, Yang Shuxia reminded that given the long-term potential use of coal tar for potential carcinogenic risks, coal tar preparations are no longer available in the domestic pharmaceutical market.

But you can also choose salicylic acid preparation, which is a keratin promoter, which can also promote the normal metabolism of the scalp epidermis, thereby inhibiting the effects of dandruff.

  If the condition is more serious, it has developed to scalp redness, greasy dandruff, and itching to varying degrees, that is, after seborrheic dermatitis, the effect of removing dandruff with shampoo alone is relatively poor.The hospital turned to doctors to consider the combined use of antifungal drugs and leather steroid preparations.

  Sulfur soap antidandruff is incredible on the market. The reporter also saw that some sulfur soaps also indicated that it can remove dandruff.

Yang Shuxia said that washing hair with sulfur soap has the effect of anti-inflammatory and degreasing, and can inhibit the formation of dandruff.

However, sulfur saponin does not have a nursing function, and has certain irritation to the skin, which can lead to dry skin and hair damage. Therefore, sulfur saponin cannot be used for a long time to eliminate dandruff.

  Vitamin supplements have little meaning. There are also shampoo products on the market suggesting that dandruff can be removed by vitamin supplements (also called vitamins).

Experts pointed out in an interview with reporters that vitamins are indeed good for the human body. Vitamins A, B, C, and E can transform antioxidant, relieve metabolism, and anti-inflammatory effects, but have no effect on eliminating dandruff.

  The overgrowth of F. malassezia that has not been completely cured is one of the first causes of dandruff. In addition, mental and neurological factors, and dietary conditions have also played an important role.

At present, there is no way to completely cure dandruff. In addition to using shampoo and medicine, experts suggest that some people also start with changing their living habits and adjusting their physical health and mental state.

In fact, people can use dandruff as an indicator of the human body’s metabolic status and stress levels, and if the stress is not resolved for a long time, it can easily lead to metabolic disorders, gastrointestinal disorders, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, depression, etc.

  Therefore, to solve the problem of dandruff, it is necessary to stay up late as much as possible to maintain the law of life; adjust the mental state to reduce tension and worry as much as possible; eat less spicy food, quit smoking and limit alcohol, eat a balanced diet; exercise reasonably, and develop good hygiene habits.

  In addition, some people think that the more black sesame and walnuts, the better the hair. In fact, this is one-sided. For those who have scalp oil spilled, these foods will make the scalp more greasy, but will increase dandruff.

In fact, a balanced diet is more important for maintaining health.

  Yang Shuxia reminded that the generation of dandruff is affected by many factors. Although it is recognized that Malassezia is the most important, Malassezia is a normal flora of human parasites on the skin surface, so whether it is shampoo or medicineIt is difficult to completely and completely remove Malassezia and cure dandruff.

So once shampoos or medicaments are re-terminated, dandruff is likely to make a comeback.

Never give glucose water to your newborn

Never give glucose water to your newborn

[Guide]Neonatal jaundice is a common physiological phenomenon when a baby is born. Some people say that babies should be fed glucose water as soon as they are born.

Some people think that the children should drink Coptis chinensis as soon as they are born, which means “first bitter then sweet”.

What should the first bite of a newborn eat?

  The first bite of food should be breast milk. For the coming of a new life, eating is a top priority, and many parents do a variety of preparations.

Too many pregnant women who are admitted to hospital are stuffed with glucose or milk powder.

  Zhang Silei, chief physician of Pediatrics of Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine Affiliated Hospital of Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine, said that the first food for newborns should definitely not be glucose water, ordinary water or milk powder, but breast milk.

It is now advocated to “open milk early and feed frequently.”

Breastfeeding can begin half an hour after the newborn arrives, and no later than 6 hours.

In this way, the baby will not have hypoglycemia, and there is no need to feed sugar water before milking.

  In the case of insufficient milk, sagging nipples and cesarean delivery, it is necessary to consolidate the confidence of breast milk replacement, and even partial breast milk replacement can also protect the baby.

If breast milk is not sufficient, feeding with bottles and rubber nipples is also discouraged, as this will weaken the baby’s sucking power and interest in suckling the mother’s nipples, and will increase the risk of infection. Promote the use of cups and spoons to feed water or milk.

  The American Academy of Pediatrics also expressly opposes feeding jaundice babies with water, sugar or any non-milk liquid, as this can increase jaundice.

Babies full of glucose in the digestive tract will have no appetite to eat milk, and the frequency and amount of milk will be reduced, which will affect the excretion of bilirubin and cause disease.

  There is no need to stop breastfeeding for neonatal jaundice. There are also some places where feeding newborns with Coptis chinensis is popular, which means “bitter first and then sweet”, and it can prevent neonatal jaundice.

  Experts point out that this is a bad custom. Coptis is cold, and any drug is toxic.

The newborn’s gastrointestinal development is incomplete, and eating too much is of course toxic.

In addition, the so-called bitter-sweet argument is even less scientifically based, because the taste development of newborns is not complete, and it is not sensitive to the feelings of bitterness and sweetness.

  In addition, many people think that newborns have breastfeeding jaundice and they should stop feeding their mothers.

This time, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s recommendation for neonatal jaundice is to strengthen the number of replacements and ensure 12 times a day. Jaundice usually does not constitute a reason to stop breastfeeding. The incidence of breast milk jaundice is about 200 babiesIn some cases, and whether or not treatment can be given, there is almost no possibility of affecting the baby’s health.

  Zhang Silei said that opening milk early and sucking milk regularly to ensure the child’s milk volume, letting the child be full to stimulate bowel movements and increase stool excretion, is a very good measure to reduce the incidence of early-onset breast milk jaundice.